ATVs / 4-Wheelers / Quads

ATVs, 4-wheelers or quads, whatever you call 'em, we got 'em -from great little starter quads with remote kill safety features to larger, faster and more powerful 4-wheelers and ATVs. We strive to carry only the best, high-quality import brands. Stop out and see our great selection.

Sport 150

150 cc

Sport 150 This machine right here is alot of fun. Quick with great suspension to get the job done.



125 cc

Sportrax This is one of the toughest small ATV you'll ever find at this price.


SS Sport 250

250 cc

CGRSS-250 All of our sport models are great for speed and comfort. Full automatic with a forward, neutral, and reverse. Great ground clearance for hitting the trails or just having fun in the back yard.


Coolster UT

250 cc

CLSUT-250 Our utility style 250cc 4wheelers are ready for anything you throw at them. These powerful bikes maybe smaller in engine size but big in capabilities. With a manual 4 speed transmission you have more control over the bike while working in the fields or yard. The front and rear steal racks are solid and ready for work. They have very stout suspensions that is great for any terrain.


Coolster UT

125 cc

CLS-125 A youth sized ATV with a bigger suspension great for introducing larger kids to the sport.


Hawk 6

110 cc

HWK-6 This is the perfect starter bike for young kids. It comes with a remote kill switch that works up to 50 yards away.


Monster 4WD

300 cc

MST-300 This big brute can handle just about anything. An awesome 4WD utility style bike ready for fun and work.


Rider 9

125 cc

RDR-9 The Rider 9 is just like it's counterpart. Same great features just with larger wheels to help with better ground clearance. Still has all the safety features with the throttle governor and remote kill switch.